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Can someone point me to some data?

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ESAB University: Free Downloadable or hard copies http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/esab-university-free-downloadable-or-hard-copies http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/esab-university-free-downloadable-or-hard-copies ESAB University is a new concept in the dissemination of information from this unparalleled body of welding and cutting knowledge.
ESAB University
General info
You can pick what areas interest you, and they do ship out fast.

A word of caution they seem to have their e mail filters set high. So I got and email back alerting me that my e mail had been queued. and to call a 800 number in the email. I did and explained that I filled out a ed request. The lady said fine and it was shipped out and I got it in a couple days. It was shipped FedX.

There is a lot of info on the cd's in PDF formats.]]>
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global tungsten selection chart http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/global-tungsten-selection-chart http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/global-tungsten-selection-chart
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giant tig 150 user manual http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/giant-tig-150-user-manual http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/giant-tig-150-user-manual Just trying to source an instruction manual for a Giant tig150. any one whare I can get one, free.]]> andyfarrelly@hotmail.com (andy) Welding Charts and Books Sun, 08 Feb 2015 12:56:16 -0500 Book Review: "Modern Welding" http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/book-review-modern-welding http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/book-review-modern-welding
Title: Modern Welding
Author: Althouse, Turnquist, Bowditch, Bowditch, Bowditch
Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Co. Inc.
Copyright: 2004
ISBN-10: 1-56637-987-3

First published in 1967, I would guess that this text (and yes, that is what it is..) has been very successfully received by those who need this much detail. I think this is the 10th edition (and I know that there is at least one edition newer than this one). I think it is important to note that these authors are all AWS guys and are in some way involved with the educational field as well.


I stumbled onto this text because of a welding cert. class that I decided to become involved with (perhaps foolishly..???) In any event, this is a real textbook. I cannot recommend it for a relaxed evening of casual reading, but if you need a reference text with reliable information (one would assume 5 AWS authors would be reliable..??), this just might be the one you need. At somewhat over 700 pages it is not a casual read. This is reference material (in the event your memory sometimes needs jogging---like mine..!!) It is printed on high quality paper with many nice images and a good and useful index.

According to the introductory page: "Modern Welding is an authoritative and technically correct text written for use by students....individuals who wish to learn independently about contemporary processes and techniques used in welding....This book covers the theory, fundamentals of operation, equipment used, and techniques recommended for all of the welding and cutting processes that are commercially used."

There is so much detail here that it is impossible to highlight even a small percentage of it. I found the images very enlightening and the text well written. I could not find any material errors of fact. I think this is very probably one of the finest textbooks written on the subject of welding.

For those who are interested, there is a newer edition (2012) available. If you need the most up to date information, then obviously this newer edition would probably serve you better. Be forewarned though.....be prepared to come out of pocket (really..!!) if you choose the latest edition.]]>
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My books http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/my-books http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/my-books paul.rebres@gmail.com (prebres) Welding Charts and Books Sat, 29 Nov 2014 09:20:33 -0500 Manual http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/manual http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/manual I just purchased an alpha 200x. Where would one find a manual on the machine? something other than the 13 page user manual that comes with the machine,

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Stainless Steel Selection Chart http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/stainless-steel-selection-chart http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/stainless-steel-selection-chart Stainless Steel Filler Metal Selection Chart used in some of the TIG Time episodes. That being said, I figured I would post it on the forum as well, just in case anyone else could use it.

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Kaleidoscopes, from cardboard to metal tubes http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/kaleidoscopes,-from-cardboard-to-metal-tubes http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/kaleidoscopes,-from-cardboard-to-metal-tubes Kaleidoscopes
wonders of wonders
By Cozy Baker
C&T Publishing
Hard Cover

What can one say about them other than most people at one time in their lives have been enthralled by them. Whether the simple cheap cardboard kind or fancy brass tube with changeable glass decorated wheels.
From the Pringles can ones for cub scouts and brownies projects, to the copper pipe or PVC ones with shelf paper or fabric covering. They can be everything from a fun shop job to meditative time away from the world in building.

This book is an eye candy delight if nothing else.Or it can be a doorway to another level of fun in the shop.

* Kaleidoscopes: Origin and History
* Kaleidoscopes Renaissance
* Meditative and Therapeutic Value
* Diversity of Exterior Designs
* Variety of Interior Images
* Award Winners
* Galleries, Museums, and Shops
* Appendices, who's who in kaleidoscope artists,Tips on building your own, The patents that started it all
* Glossary
* Bibliography
* Index

From the different styles and types of them. And sizes from very tiny ones to room sized ones to projector types. With the information included at the end of the book. You can build our own therapeutic tool.]]>
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Glass Etching (media blasting) surface techniques and designs http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/glass-etching-media-blasting-surface-techniques-and-designs http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/glass-etching-media-blasting-surface-techniques-and-designs surface techniques and designs
by Norman Dobbins & Debra Felberg Oxley
CKE Publications


I have taken a number of Norms classes, and have a number of his excellent video tapes on glass surface decoration.
The books are also great, When dealing with the art of media blasting glass, Norm and his wife sort of wrote the original book.

With only slight modification of the drawings used for blasting, can be made useful for cut out with plasma or converting to 3D cut out type wall hangings.

The book is divided into three sections,
Section I
Techniques for surface etching

Understanding glass etching
The design and the glass
Preparation for etching
The sandblasting process
Now what can you make

Section II
Glass etching equipment & safety procedures

Sandblasters and abrasives
blast cabinets
safety equipment
In conclusion

Section III
Designs for etching

Full size pattern ordering information]]>
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Etched Glass techniques & design http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/etched-glass-techniques-design http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/etched-glass-techniques-design techniques & design
by Norm and Ruth Dobbins
Hand Book Press
Norther Lights Books
Hard cover

I guess you could call this a very through handbook on the
processes of glass surface etching, carving and shading. Filled with great color and B&W process photos, charts and drawings it gives you the information to develop a working knowledge of the basics and heading toward the more involved pieces.

I have taken a number of their classes and courses at the sign Business shows over the years. They are as complete in their classes as in this book and in their wonderful dvd's. Which you can rent from glass etching DVD's rentals

Back to the book:
Basics and background

* Abrasives
* Etching cream
* Work space

A Glass Primer
* The basic recipe
* Physical Characteristics
* Color
* Texture
* Mirror
* Safety Glass
* Cleaning the glass surface

* Sheet,found,Applying sheet resists
* Applying precut, and photo resists

* Function of design, Converting design,sizing designs, transferring designs to resist, cutting the design

Surface Etching
* Design, glass,resists surface etching process and etching with cream

* Overview,glass, resist,carving styles stage numbering process and the carving process

* Glass,resists,designs, stage numbering process, blasting process
* The importance of lighting

* Blasters, cabinets buy or rent and safety
* Gallery
* Appendices

The name of their company is Professional Glass Consultants Their web site [url]http://www.etchmaster.com/[url]]]>
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Glass Etching II (Media Blasting) http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/glass-etching-ii-media-blasting http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/glass-etching-ii-media-blasting Glass Etching II (Media Blasting)
Carving techniques and designs
by Debra Felberg Oxley &Norman Dobbins
CKE Publications
Booklet large format

Here is another joint effort on the subject of multi stage or (layered) carving of glass for more depth in the piece.
Again it is divide into sections, then sub divide into chapters.

Section I
Techniques for Multi-stage Carving

* Principals of multi-stage carving
* Understanding the carving process
* preparing the glass
* Carving the glass
* Intermediate Techniques
* Equipment

Section II
Designs for Multi-stage Carving

* 42 pages of patterns for enlargement, multi-stage carving. Some have the numbered stages or sequence of carving so you know when to take the resit off. They go from simple plants to very complex dragons. And from small coasters to door and wall panels.

There are some B&W photos showing steps done along with line drawings, and some color pictures of the works and a gallery section.

It is worth it for the pattern drawing for glass, stained glass of metal work.]]>
mjoat@comcast.net (ptsideshow) Welding Charts and Books Fri, 31 Oct 2014 06:21:44 -0400
Machinist's and Metalworkers pocket reference http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/machinist-s-and-metalworkers-pocket-reference http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/machinist-s-and-metalworkers-pocket-reference by: Ronald Walsh
copyright ©2000


A handy glove or tool box field guide for the metal worker. It has 12 chapters and is divided into sub chapters to cover each area.

* Modern metalworking machinery,gages and measuring devices
* U.S. customary and metric (SI) measures and conversions
* Materials physical properties characteristics and uses
* Thread systems
* Fastening devices properties and dimensions
* Machining,machine tools and practices
* Tool steels
* Sheet metal practices
* Heat-treating steels and nonferrous alloys
* Electroplating and other finishes for metals
* Societies,associations institutes and specification authorities
* Safety practices in the metalworking industry

It does pack a lot of information into a small book. But when you need it it is there. From the dictionary of alphabet soup letters and which societies they belong to, to the address, to the list of ANSI standards by category (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983 pipe thread inch). You might see on plans/drawings to the trademarks and who they belong to. B&W pictures,charts,tables and drawings. It is all in here.]]>
mjoat@comcast.net (ptsideshow) Welding Charts and Books Wed, 29 Oct 2014 05:40:07 -0400
Here are two of Audels pocket manuals, that maybe of interest. http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/here-are-two-of-audels-pocket-manuals,-that-maybe-of-interest http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/here-are-two-of-audels-pocket-manuals,-that-maybe-of-interest Audels
Pipefitters and welders pocket manual
by: Charles N. McConnell
copyright©1997 small trade paperback
Macmillan Publishing

Mechanical Trades pocket manual 3rd
by: Carl A.Nelson
ISBN# 0-02-5886650-7
copyright©1986 small trade paperback

From soup to nuts these cover a generous amount of information in a small package. Lots of drawings, photo's, charts and tables. Not in depth on any one area, but enough to get through most things that come up and stump the experts.
As these are for the working in the trade. But are great for the occasional user.]]>
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Idea and design info: Plant and Floral Studies for Artists and Craftspeople http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/idea-and-design-info-plant-and-floral-studies-for-artists-and-craftspeople http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/idea-and-design-info-plant-and-floral-studies-for-artists-and-craftspeople
Plant and Floral Studies for Artists
and Craftspeople
W.G.Paulson Townsend
Dover reprint of a 1901 edition
Dover USA
Dover UK
Tradepaper backback
ISBN 0-486-44377-9
Copyright ©2005(Dover edition)

This is a reference for people that would like some added detail in their floral metal studies. Covering a wide variety of plants with over a 100 precise black & white drawings of the leaves, seed pods, and complete plants.

From some common ones to some what strange ones and some that I have never heard of. If only for the ones that don't grow in our local area. From the often made Acanthus flower details,a single Hollyhock to the Great Bastard Woade.(used as a bird seed) to Iris, vetch and other weed plants now.

It isn't a reader as such but you will find your self finishing it after you pick it up in nothing else to find the old school intriguing names. Who known that corn or what was Indian corn, was at one time called Blew Turkey wheat.]]>
mjoat@comcast.net (ptsideshow) Welding Charts and Books Tue, 28 Oct 2014 08:08:11 -0400
Idea and design info: Decorative Plant and Flower Studies for Artists and Craftsmen http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/idea-and-design-info-decorative-plant-and-flower-studies-for-artists-and-craftsmen http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/idea-and-design-info-decorative-plant-and-flower-studies-for-artists-and-craftsmen
Decorative Plant and Flower Studies
for Artists and Craftsmen
J Foord
Dover reprint of an 1906 Original edition
Paperbound, Black,white and Grey Drawings
Dover Books UK

Dover Books USA


Some times in reading these reprints of books from that other seeming world of the late 1800's and early 1900's. I am amazed at what is now lost, in just the way and amount of information is passed on then and now.

The drawings are wonderful in themselves, Let alone what the original color plates must have been with Ms. Foord's attention to detail. the color plates are now shaded with shades of grey to give just a sense of what the color plates must have been.

The page with the parts of the plant, has all the details one could want. From a sectional view showing the inside structure of the flower heads,to detail leaf terminations, to sectional view of the stem or scape, bulb and roots, To opening stages of the buds,to the relative heights of the leaf and flower, down to the sheath coming out of the bulbs at the ground line for those that have them.

The descriptions of the botany side of things, along with the small illustrations of the plant group both front and side. From the colors of the leaves as they grow, to whether the leaves are swaying or vertical as they grow. She describes the color and changes to the plants as they move through their life cycle.

There are 88 copyright-free drawings of 40 plants and flowers. It is an artist source book that goes above just giving the facts about the subject matter.]]>
mjoat@comcast.net (ptsideshow) Welding Charts and Books Tue, 28 Oct 2014 08:04:42 -0400
DVD Patina Basics by Tim McCreight http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/dvd-patina-basics-by-tim-mccreight http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/dvd-patina-basics-by-tim-mccreight Subtitled Safe color solutions for metalsmiths
Patina Basics
Safe color Solutions for Metalsmiths
Tim McCreight
copyright © 2010
Brynmorgen Press
Run time 80 minutes
http://www.brynmorgen .com


Let me say right out and up front that I'm a big fan of Tim's books and dvd's. He has some of the best books on the subjects of metalsmithing. That said this DVD is going to be another cornerstone in metalsmithing. Whether you are into jewelry, small sculpture, large sculpture or other metal folding, shaping work that requires patina's. Or just if you are interested in patina's or patination of your work. This is a great beginners,basic teaching aid.

It is just what it says on the title and sub title. This uses readily available kitchen chemicals, and household products. He does digress into a few store bought liquid solutions such as gun blue and Jax brand green patina liquid.

What is great about the DVD are the high production standards, as far as sound, and picture quality are. You can see everything, hear everything and there are plenty of closeups of the finished patinas. Along with the formulas of the patina mixes on screen.

Divided into chapters from what equipment you need, safety and the basic use of the materials. To the assorted patina's he covers along with cold, hot, brush, spray, fume and buried application. To wax and other sealers and protectors (Rattle can type)

It is in his laid back, relaxed style he covers some things that could be called patination outside the box. When he is talking about the use of resists, and coffee grounds in a buried patina.

There are printable pages of instructions (PDF) format along with the video content.

Make no mistake this isn't a chemistry course, or a course in using the more exotic chemicals to create repeatable patina's on hundreds of duplicate pieces. It is a basic, small scale patina's that can be scaled up for larger work. Using safe (which is a relative term when talking about vinegar, table salt, ammonia and copper sulphate) solutions found around the home.

If you are unsure about some of the other materials for patina's for silver,brass, copper, and bronze. With a little practice and experimentation. I think you will be happy with this DVD and the results.

You can get it through amazon or the link on the publishers site]]>
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Metallic Finishes Etc (faux finishes for all materials) http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/metallic-finishes-etc-faux-finishes-for-all-materials http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/metallic-finishes-etc-faux-finishes-for-all-materials
Metallic Finishes Etc.
The Home Decorating Institute
Cy DeCosse Inc
Creative touches series
ISBN 0-86573-875
This one is for the mixed media items mostly that one might consider to carry out a patina or oxide finishing theme. Yes it can be done on metals if all the correct surface preparation procedure is followed to give tooth to the surface for the coating of your chose to hold to.

It helps with other types of finishes and to achieve them. If one is knowledgeable about the assorted tools, whether they are brushes, the type, shape or what the bristles are made of. Masking materials the new low tack easy release tapes in the blue or green flavors. Or any of the other items.
An area that some metal artists don’t consider when putting their work up for photo’s even if on there own site is the background area. A couple pieces of thicker dry wall and some framing to hold them up. You can paint and decorative it, and then change it to suit the theme or style or era of the work.

The faux metallic finishes can be a quick and easy addition to give the photo’s punch! Whether it is small jewelry, table top sculptures, wall hangings or free standing indoor work.

This book is divided into three sections. The first of course is getting started, which is divided into Primers & Finish, Tools & Supplies, Prepping the Surface and Paints. Latex, Acrylic craft paint and rattle can oil based are covered. Not a lot of info, some general stuff.
It then moves on to the Painted Metallic Finishes. Faux Verdigris, Faux Rust, Antiqued Metallic Finishes, Scumbled Wall Designs and Metallic Marbleizing. The last item has some possibilities of adding some interesting highlights and color to patina of an oxide nature.
Finally ending with the Gilded finishes, Metal-leaf finishes, and what they call Gold-Leaf (Brass patent leaf) correct term is patent leaf. As only real gold leaf, is called gold leaf.
Gilded Designs and ideas on using Masking tape and cutting designs. About the only thing that has changed is the wider use of the clear slow drying acrylic white type glue instead of shellac. It has made gilding so much easier that it is now sold in most craft stores.

Filled with color photo’s and very short easy to do step by step’s. you can even do a great look textured Faux rust painted patina for those fussy people that want the look with out the rust. Check out your local home store’s book selection, as they generally have a good assortment. It helps sell paint!
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Stone Finishes Etc.(faux finishes for all materials) http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/stone-finishes-etc-faux-finishes-for-all-materials http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/stone-finishes-etc-faux-finishes-for-all-materials
Stone Finishes Etc.
The Home Decorating Institute
Cy DeCosse Inc
ISBN 0-86573-997-8
Creative Touches series
Another one that can add some interesting accent to your work either as a small faux stone base, or a pillar, plinth, or pedestal to hold work for display or show.

Combining the paint and patina’s either natural or chemically enhanced, can add to pieces impact or just the display.

It is divided into 3 sections, Getting Started: Primers & Finishes, Tools for Faux Finishing, Preparing the Surface, Water based Paints & Glazes.

Faux Stone Finishes: Starting with a Granite, then an Unpolished Stone, Tigereye, Malachite and finishing up with a Lapis Finish in the stone and gem area.

Faux marble Finishes: An Onyx, Serpentine, Portoro, (black and gold marble) Norwegian Rose, (white with pink and green patches of color with green/gray veining) and the ending with a Travertine marble.

Each section is complete with materials list, full color step by step photo’s on how to do the finish. Use of the water based glazes, and all the tools to accomplish the veining and the subtle shades and hues and colors. With a number of clear coats over it you will have an outstanding display piece for your art work.

Again this and others along this line, are sold in the book section of your big box home builders stores. They do help sell the painting supplies, most of the larger stores will have all most everything in the tool line you will need.*]]>
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Recipes for Surfaces Decorative paint made simple http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/recipes-for-surfaces-decorative-paint-made-simple http://gogo.bugo.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/recipes-for-surfaces-decorative-paint-made-simple Decorative paint finishes made simple
Mindy Drucker & Pierre Finkelstein
Fireside, Simon & Schuster
Copyright © 1993
ISBN 0-671-68249-0
Trade paperback


This is a more complete course of decorative finishes, then the other three books, I have reviewed recently. It is divided into two sections, the first being general information of color.

Which when doing decorative finishing can make or break the effect you are trying to achieve. Might be more than some want to know. Chapter 1

Paints and the Tools, which is also good for patinas and paint effects for bases, stands, pillar displays or background walls. Or for that special wall in the house to kick your work out as the center of attention. Chapter 2

As with any finishing procedure, the preparation of paint. Chapter 3

Part II are the recipes for the paint and processes for the 40 effects the book covers. Starting with the mixing of the paints and glazes. Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Sponging, single to multiple colors
Chapter 6 Cloth Distressing, the effects that can be achieved with a rolled up rag or cheesecloth.
Chapter 7 Stippling, from one color to three and fade-away.
Chapter 8 Color Washing, sponge and brush to fade-away.
Chapter 9 Spattering, spatter on, spatter off, spattering over sponging in five colors and a stone-block effect.
Chapter 10 Dragging, with steel wool, a hard bristle brush and combing effects.
Chapter 11 Stenciling, making your own and work with them.
Chapter 12 Marbling, assorted colors, application on a column and doing a floor.
Chapter 13 Wood graining, Pine, Oak, Mahogany and Burl.

And finishes up with Bibliography, Sources(US) and index. In the assorted topics they have boxes with the recipe of how difficult it is number of paint cans one can is easy, etc.
To the supplies and tools along with the paint needed and if you will require help or a second person.

Whether it is for a plinth, column or stand to display your work on. Or a decorative effect for home or display room at the studio. This book has you covered. It was still on sale a year ago at the big box home stores in the book section up front.*

Added footnote;
Let me say first off that the painting book reviews are for the metal sculptor that needs to provide decorative bases for display of the item either in homes, galleries, shows or to provide an added selling feature for their pieces. Since some people are reluctant to display smaller pieces on their fine furniture. As some metal artist don't provide some form of protection on the feet or bases of their pieces.]]>
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